SAT gets a makeover

A big test is right around the corner.  It could determine where you — or your children — go to college.  And,  here’s the catch:   that test is changing.

I’m talking about the SAT.  The big college entrance exam has been been around since 1926, testing thousands of would-be college students. And, now it’s getting a makeover.  The goal is to make the test more current in terms of using what students learn in high school.  That’s what they will be tested on.

Jim Montoya, the College Board’s Vice President of Higher Education, explains, “the SAT and the questions that are being asked are driven by research that we have done that connects these questions to those skills that are necessary for college success.”

These changes don’t go into effect until 2016.  The test will consist of three sections:  evidence-based reading and writing, math and an essay section.  The essay section will be optional as it’s up to the colleges and universities whether that will factor into admissions.

In the past, many would-be college students took courses, classes and all kinds of things to help improve SAT scores.  But, that may no longer be necessary because one other big change coming with the new exam is free test practice.  The college board, which puts out the test, will provide free test practice.

The SAT can determine where you or your college-bound child goes to school.  It may also help determine how much it will cost your child for school.  Colleges often use them as a good predictor for college success.  So, it’s a good idea to be prepared.

For more on the practice tests and changes to the SAT, click here.

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