Lose weight and keep it off

 Sticking to a diet is hard! Dr. Tiffany Wright, The L.A. Skinny Coach, tells Cherish Lombard she went on a diet 18 years ago, lost 100 pounds, and she’s kept it off! Tiffany is the founder and lead coach of Skinny Coach Solution. She earned her doctorate from the University of California
and is dedicated to the study of behavior and weight loss with an emphasis on controlling compulsive over eating behavior. She insists that she is simply a student of life, but if pressed, will admit to an intuitive understanding of people and how what they do to their bodies changes everything.

Combining her studies of obsessive dieting and compulsive over eating, along with continuing academic research on how certain foods cause uncontrollable cravings Tiffany developed the Skinny Coach diet. Finally, a fairly simple solution to those people that have found it impossible to stay on a diet long enough to lose the weight they desire. Utilizing the Skinny Coach diet and a set of coaching methods developed through her studies on behavioral modification and personality motivation Tiffany found a way to help women lose weight permanently. The growing need and interest in her success has lead to the creation of Skinny Coach Solution.

If you would like to lean more, please visit http://skinnycoach.com/

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