DA: New procedures in the works for repeat offenders

Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich says her office is working on new procedures that would stop some repeat from bonding out of jail.

The move comes in response to an ongoing investigative series by FOX10 News about the revolving door at Mobile metro jail.

Repeat offender Kastellio Vaughan was booked into jail for shooting into an occupied vehicle, while he was already out on a robbery bond.

Vaughan however left jail in 40 minutes flat.

“He skated the system by finding out there was a warrant for his arrest and turning himself in,” said Rich. “Therefore my office wasn’t notified for us to call the judge and place a hold on him.”

Rich said normally an arresting officer will alert her office that a repeat offender needs to be held until they can see a judge.

However in this case, no one caught Vaughan’s history because he turned himself in.

Rich said she has been in contact with judges to find ways to correct the issue.

“We’re going to put a procedure in place where the officer comes down to sign the warrant then we’re going to go ahead and file a motion to place a hold on the defendant at that time. There is an issue as to how procedurally we can do that because the jail doesn’t have the warrant at that point so we’re working through the weeds on this one,” she said.

Vaughan is only one of several repeat offenders profiled on FOX10 News.

Cameron Bell and Ted Snow have also been in the media spotlight for dozens of arrests that ended in little to no punishment.

Rich says her offices along with police are also tired of seeing the same criminals pass through the court system.

FOX10 will let you know what final changes are made to the booking and notification process.

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