Apple vs. Samsung, Again

Happy Birthday to Google’s Gmail!  The service turns ten today. Gmail has grown to dominate the web-mail world, having more than 500-million users. Although the service may not cost money, it isn’t free. Gmail turns a profit by scanning e-mails and using data for targeted ads and user profiles. Because of these practices, Google has been a target of privacy lawsuits over the years.

Google is ramping up its assault on traditional television advertising, ahead of this spring’s ad-selling season. Google’s Youtube service has reportedly told marketers it will offer them audience guarantees if they make advance commitments. The Wall Street Journal reports that Youtube will air ads across its channels until the ads reach a certain percentage of the advertiser’s target audience. The guaranteed audience promise is something long-offered by TV networks.

And, round two of Apple’s huge patent fight against Samsung has gone to court, and the stakes are even higher. That’s because it involves newer models, like the Samsung Galaxy S-3. Apple accuses Samsung of ripping off its designs. Samsung claims the same of Apple. The first Apple versus Samsung trial ended in a $929 million dollar verdict against Samsung. But this time, Apple is seeking a lot more: about 40-dollars per phone in damages.

That’s your Daily Tech.


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