American flag stolen, suspects wanted

Milton Wilson walks out on his front porch everyday and looks at a giant American flag across the street from his home.

“It’s just a refreshing way to start your day,” said Wilson.

For years he looked at that flag, until someone stole his view.

“I do look at it everyday and I’m fond flags and it kinda makes me mad,” Wilson said.

The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office said someone stole the flag that hangs outside Baldwin EMC Office in Bay Minette was stolen.

“A large flag, 30-by-50 had been stolen sometime in the overnight hours of Sunday, certainly something we want help with the community,” said Major Anthony Lowery.

They said it happened sometime between Sunday at 7pm to Monday at 6am.

The interesting thing about this is how did the suspects get the flag down, there’s no rope to pull it down with. Baldwin EMC said there is an access panel on the pole that you have to have a key to get into it.

“I don’t know where you would hide a 30-by-50 foot flag but someone has it and it’s something we’re going to take seriously at the sheriff’s office,” Lowery said.

Meanwhile, Baldwin EMC has replaced the more than 13-hundred dollar flag, something that pleases Milton Wilson.

“We all should be proud of the flag and I’m so glad they put it up where I can look at it,” he said.

There was no surveillance video available. Those with the sheriff’s office hope someone may have a clue to who the suspect or suspects are. When caught, they will face theft charges.

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