Witness: I saw him get hit

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WALA) Orange Beach police say 44-year old Taylor Colby from Murfreesboro, Tennessee was killed Saturday night while trying to cross  Perdido Beach Boulevard, near the Caribe Resort.

It’s the second pedestrian that’s been hit by an alleged drunk driver along the Gulf Coast in eight days.

Scott Durrance, a nurse practitioner, witnessed Saturday night’s accident.

“I could see his face was looking straight ahead and he got to the middle of the road. He didn’t look left or right again he just continued to go straight without even pausing and we saw a truck coming. I looked out my window and saw him get hit,” Durrance said.

Durrance and his friend Christopher Williams jumped out of their vehicle and tried to save Cobly’s life.

The man Orange Beach police say was driving the vehicle that hit Colby, Danny Pylant, called 911.

“My friend called 911 as well and I went over and recessed him and started to do chest compressions but I knew immediately he was dead on impact,” Durrance said.

Durance doesn’t believe Colby suffered. He also added Pylant, wasn’t driving erratically.

“The gentleman who was driving was in his lane and as you approach somebody you could tell he was pretty much going the same speed I was not excessive like I said in the lane,” Durrance said.

Pylant was arrested and charged with DUI and criminally negligent homicide. Fox10 News went to his home today to get his side of the story but no one came to the door.

Spring Breaker killed

 The case draws similarities to another crash 8 days ago, that killed a spring breaker in Gulf Shores.

19-year old Kasey Waychoff was walking along West Beach Boulevard, when police say she was hit by a drunk driver.

Justin Lott was arrested and charged with DUI, manslaughter, and leaving the scene of an accident.

He has since bonded out of jail and now has to wear an ankle monitor that shows investigators his location and blood-alcohol content.

Ken Grimes with the City of Orange Beach says Orange Beach and Gulf Shores are constantly working to improve walkways and bike paths.


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