Repeat offender re-arrested, re-released

A very familiar face to law enforcement, already out on bond for robbery, was booked into Mobile Metro jail and left in 40 minutes flat.

Kastellio Vaughan was arrested and charged with discharging a gun into an occupied vehicle after Prichard police say he opened fire on a woman’s car as she attempted to drive away.

Prichard police Chief Jerry Speziale tells FOX10 News Vaughan intervened after witnessing an altercation between two women on Stovall street.

“Vaughan pulls up – makes some sort of a statement that he’s the only one who causes havoc on Stovall street. He had nothing to do with the incident,” said Prichard Police Chief, Jerry Speziale.  

Vaughan is the same suspect who was shot during a home invasion robbery in July.  

He was also the same suspect arrested for first degree robbery before that.

Police say his extensive criminal history makes him a career criminal and repeat offender.

Officials say its time he started actually spending some time behind bars.

“They keep getting out and getting out, they’re creating more work for the court system more work for the police department. We’re all banging our heads against a wall,” said Cpt. Clay Godwin during a FOX10 News special report on Vaughan and repeat offenders back in May.

About an hour after contacting the Mobile County District Attorneys Office about the case, a motion was filed to have Vaughan’s robbery bond revoked.

FOX10 News is working to gather more information and will update you on Vaughan’s criminal status.

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