Malbis residents fight another development

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Residents of Historic Malbis are fighting yet another development. This time it’s a Hardee’s fast food restaurant. Paul Hill’s home already backs up to the Zaxby’s on highway 181. He told us restaurant patrons make for bad neighbors.

 “They throw garbage over the fence,” Hill said. ”Theres cars screeching wheels over there at night. All night there’s noises going on and it’s going to be worse over here.”


The proposed Hardee’s would be right next door. While some oppose the development others in this neighborhood told FOX10 News the land along Highway 181 was always meant to be commercial and folks in the neighborhood always knew that.

Resident Corena Spriggs said, “Somebody complains about everything you build and everything you do or how you do it. I feel like if you own the property and you pay for it and you’re not breaking any laws that’s your business.”

For the opposition, it may be too late anyway. The final plans for the restaurant have already been approved. Hill understands that and hopes the Property Owners Association can get the developers to protect the neighborhood from the restaurant.

 “Zaxby’s was real nice by putting up a wall right there. It was required. So we want that same wall to be around that restaurant ,” Hill said.


Residents have also been fighting a proposed CVS drug store. Earlier this month a judge threw out a lawsuit from the residents saying it was premature since the store has yet to pass final approval from the Daphne Planning and Zoning Commission.

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