Last day for insurance signup is here

You might say signup for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act in Mobile is going into overtime.

Federal government officials confirm was not accepting new applications for a while Monday, March 31 because of technical problems.


Already,  the Mobile County Health Department’s main office on Bayou Street is extending its hours until 9:00 Monday night to help people sign up for insurance.

Mobile County Health Department officials said federal law prevents them from allowing us to take video of the applicants, but they said Monday morning’s turnout was tremendous.

Health Service Administrator Dr. Angelia Lewis said, “Waiting rooms are full.  All of the application conuselors have been busy since we opened the doors this morning.”


Dr. Lewis said  the department is still counting the numbers since signups began October 1, 2013.

She said, “We have competed over 2200, way more than 2200 applications, successfully so, that’s not including our numbers from last week.”


Dr. Lewis confirms counselors in Mobile have run into problems with the healthcare website.

She said, “We have pretty much the same problems that everybody is experiencing, but, we always have Plan B.  We do our paper applications. We continue to have workers that just keep getting on our multiple computers until we can start processing again, and, usually it’s about five minutes or so.”

In the event the website goes down all day and night,  Dr. Lewis said, “If we have to process some paper applications, we plan to overnight them so we can meet the April 7 deadline for getting those applications in.

Monday was the deadline for Americans to sign up for health insurance or else face a tax penalty.


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