Become a Google Pokemon Master?

It looks like all those years of playing Pokémon is finally paying off.  Google has posted a video Youtube challenge in order to find its newest employee – a “Pokémon Master.”

To get the job, applicants must be able to navigate through tall grass to capture the wild creatures.  The details were released Monday in a blog posting.

Pokémon, which is short for pocket monster, was created by Nintendo in the late 90’s.  There are 150 Pokémon and they all have special powers.  Players are tasked with collecting as many as they can, training them, and then using them against other people’s Pokémon.

It’s become pretty popular over the years.  There have been cartoons, trading cards and even movies based on the animated characters.

Google says its Pokémon trainers’ tool is built into Maps, and helps you hone in on your Pikachu and Jigglypuff-capturing abilities.

In the video, Pokémon hunters are looking for the creatures with their phones, finding them living in the real world, and tracking how many they’ve caught with the included Pokedex.

There’s only one problem – it’s all one big April Fool’s Day joke.  Google is known for its infamous pranks.  One year, it introduced a device that attaches to your wallet and dispenses money.  The company called it the Google Mobile ATM.

The Pokémon has become all the sensation on the internet.  Under Googles’ blog posting one person writes, “Not sure if April fools joke… or chance to live out my childhood dream of becoming a pokematster.”

Sadly, it is a joke.  So for now, those dreams of become a professional Pokémon master will have to wait.  However, you can still play the mobile game.  After you open up Google Maps on either an iOS or Android device, all you have to is press on the search line, then “Press Start” and it taked you to a cartoon home where you can catch the Nintendo characters peppered throughout the map just by touching them on the screen.

Got to catch em’ all!

Incidentally, Google+ is adding page views counts to users’ profiles.  The follower counts are now joined by the total number of page clicks.  You may need to check a box in your profile settings before it appears for you though.  Learn more details about view counts on Google + pages by clicking here.

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