Assistant D.A speaks on arrest of substitute teacher

MOBILE, Ala. – It was a normal school day at Denton Middle School Monday, but one regular substitute wasn’t on campus, and after her arrest this weekend the sub can never work  in the school system again.

“I’m surprised about.  But I didn’t know her personally,” parent Kenya Tucker said.

“Well, I was shocked.  Hearing my daughter talk about it, I just let her know it’s not anything funny, but just let her know if something like that happens to let me know, not to hold back,” parent Chedrick Williams said.

41 year old Kristina Kelly was arrested at her home Friday.  She’s facing eight charges including rape, sodomy, and sex abuse.   Assistant District Attorney Nicki Patterson said an arrest warrant was issued for Kelly around 6pm Friday.  It was based on information from one of the alleged teenage victims.

“One of the young men came forward, who had not yet engaged in all of the activities, and he was pretty concerned about what was about to happen, so he came forward to law enforcement,” Patterson said.

Patterson says investigators believe the abuse went on for several months with other students.

“It was beginning I think to be talked about among some of the students so, once it gets out in the student community I think it’s just a matter of time before somebody’s going to come forward, or somebody is going to tell a parent who comes forward,” she said.

We also talked to the parent of one of the alleged victims.  She said Kelly had planned to meet with her son the night she was arrested.  According to the mom Kelly propositioned the boy earlier, and initially he said yes.

“She was making plans to meet with my son this weekend,” the mother said.

The teenager changed his mind before the arranged meeting and went to authorities instead.  His mother says that’s when he was taken to the Child Advocacy Center where a telephone conversation was recorded between him and the substitute teacher.

“She pretty much admitted everything, even with the other children.  She admitted that she had sex with the other children…He did go into graphic detail about what they were going to do, pretty much asking her questions, are we going to do this? Are we going to do that?  And she pretty much said yes to all of it,” the mother said.

School Officials said Kelly was hired as a certified substitute in August 2013.   In addition to her work in the classroom, she was also involved with the athletic program.

“As best we understand it, the students particularly members of the track team would come over to her house, and that’s where the activities would take place,” Patterson said.

Patterson said it’s possible more victims could come forward in this case, and she said that could lead to more charges.

Kelly’s arraignment is set for April 15th.

Fox Ten News also talked to school officials about the allegations that Kelly picked kids up, and took them to her home.  School officials said substitutes are not allowed to transport students  in their personal vehicles.


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