Miss Alabama International stops by Wharf Boat and Yacht show

Today was the final day of The Wharf Boat and Yacht Show and some patrons got to see a special guest.

The recently crowned Miss Alabama International stopped by the show Sunday afternoon to promote the cause she ran on: supporting the Wounded Warriors Project.

Whitney DeVane is the daughter of Elberta Police Chief Stan DeVane. She said events like this are key to bringing awareness to the Wounded Warriors.

“It’s a chance to tell everybody, hey, thank your soldiers. If you see a man or woman in uniform, say thanks. It doesn’t just have to be military, police officers, firemen. So every time I get to go out, I get a chance to remind people, hey, they’re important, this project’s important. Every chance you get, go volunteer, get out in your community,” DeVane said.

DeVane is a junior at Troy University studying marketing and global business. To learn more about the Wounded Warriors Project click here.

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