Mom: Teacher planned to meet with my son

MOBILE, Ala. – A Mobile County Public School substitute teacher is facing charges of rape and sodomy.

Kristina Kelly is accused of having sex with several middle school students.  The mother of one of the alleged victims said the teacher appeared to be planning to meet her son, just hours before her arrest.

The mother said she received a call from Denton Middle School Friday.

“They were pretty much saying we need you to come up here, your son is not in trouble, but we need you to come.   Nobody would say anything over the phone,” the mother said.

When the mother reached the school, her son had already been taken to the Child Advocacy Center. That’s where she learned police wanted his help to get a warrant for 41 year old Katrina Kelly, and certified substitute teacher at the school.

The mother listened as police had her 15 year old son call the teacher about a meeting they were supposed to have later that evening.

“We did the phone call, and she pretty much admitted everything, even with the other children. She admitted that she had sex with the other children..It was supposed to be planned for yesterday.  He told her don’t call this phone back, this my mom’s phone, which is wasn’t, it was a detectives phone.  She said Oh I won’t call it back I’ll just wait on you to call me,”  the mother explained.

“He did go into graphic detail about what they were going to do, pretty much asking her questions, are we going to do this? Are we going to do that?  And she pretty much said yes to all of it,” she said.

The mother said her son was allegedly propositioned by Kelly who asked if he wanted to sleep with her. The boy initially said yes, but later reported the incident to school officials.

Kelly is facing eight charges  including rape, sodomy, sex abuse, and sexual contact with a child under the age of 19. The charges indicate at least three alleged victims.

According to the mother the boys are between 14 and 15 years old.

School officials said Kelly did not have a permanent position with the school system, and they say she will no longer be hired as a substitute.

Kristina Kelly is bonded out of jail 15 hours after being booked at Metro.

The school system said it is conducting its own internal investigation into the allegations.

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