Who let the Dog out? Bounty hunters set loose in Mobile

  A couple of popular reality T.V. bounty hunters have been set loose in south Alabama; joining forces with local bondsmen to catch some fugitives.

FOX10 News got exclusive access to Dog and Beth, stars of the hit CMT show Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.

Their crew has been sighted in Robertsdale, Bay Minette, and Tillman’s Corner, over the last few days.

Thursday, March 27 however, the group made a stop in Downtown Mobile where they turned in three fugitives.

“We can’t say too much because it’s airing,” said Dog. “… but tonight was popcorn night. We just heated them up and they all started popping.”

Dog’s son Leland was also on hand, helping train local bounty hunters and bondsmen.

They have been traveling across the country to meet with friends and other bonding companies who have asked for their assistance and trade secrets.

“We’re sharing experiences from the other bounty hunters — the bondsmen, comparing notes. Fugitives run all over the country so it’s really a good experience. It’s absolutely fun,” said Dog.

Local bondsman in Downtown Mobile, Chris McNeal said, “I’ve been in the bail bonds business for 20 years. Just like anybody else, I learn something new everyday. Dog has been in the business a lot longer. I’ve shared stories with him. He’s shared stories with me. Anytime we can benefit ourselves and make ourselves better it’s a good day.”

Beth told FOX10 News they are even training locals on how to deal with violent offenders without guns, or aggressive animals.

She said they had heard about the incident where two dogs were shot by Mobile Police in their backyard recently, adding that she keeps treats and bones in her car for that reason – or pepper spray if needed.

The reality stars are expected in town a few days longer.

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