Local Man’s Clothing Business Supports the Vigor Wolves

For years the Vigor Wolves athletic program has been one of the best in our area, but without some help, that may not always be the case.

Clay Campbell, a former Vigor football player heard the school’s athletic programs had some financial issues.

He wanted to help so he started Eugene’s.

Eugene’s features high quality underwear products. Here’s what Clay Thompson wrote on the Eugene’s website:

“Hailing from the Deep South in Mobile, Alabama, I have developed a sincere appreciation for comfort and quality. I have always had an interest in serving others, but the motivation instilled by my family resides within the depths of my soul. My business experience is rooted in a desire to “make it or break it” after having acquired knowledge and various skills as a company employee and student in a course on entrepreneur development. On July 8, 2009, my dreams were painted onto the canvas of reality in a beautiful array of colors that is Eugene’s LLC.

Eugene’s is the vivid expression of a man. It is the embodiment of the confidence upon which intelligence, style, and abstract thinking. The Eugene’s brand reflects “the being of a man” through rare affordable quality.

Eugene’s provides a sexy outer display of an inner sexy enhanced by the company’s exclusive brand. It allows a man to own unique and personalized sex appeal. Eugene’s preserves sexy as well as the environment in that the products are made with natural materials. The beyond-belief expression that accompanies unadulterated quality is the essential element in universal style. Eugene’s LLC is everlasting….Eugene’s is my legacy….Eugene’s lives through you.”

A portion of the proceeds goes to support the Vigor Wolves. So log on, find your style, and help the Wolfpack!

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