Eight strangers save woman


A Tennessee woman says she’s alive because eight strangers she now calls ‘her angels.”

According to an article on Yahoo, Lauryn Lax was struggling with an eating disorder when eight fellow gym-goers noticed and decided to intervene. They researched eating disorders and contacted Lax’s parents, who confirmed she has struggled with anorexia since she was a child.

“I know we don’t know each other,” said gym member Louise Grant. “I have to tell you that I would like you to get some help. I believe that you have an eating disorder.”

“God is rarely early, but He is NEVER late — and everything happens in His perfect timing,” she wrote. “I prayed for health, for freedom from bondage for YEARS … and He was always listening. The cool thing too? Time flies when you are having fun and living life … and today, August 16, 2011 seems like a distant memory. True freedom from eating disorders is possible, I believe.”


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