Facebook Buys Virtual Game Maker

Some tech companies are making big moves. Intel is making a move into wearable technology. The chipmaker is buying a company called Basis Science, a small startup with expertise in the health-tracking category.  It makes fitness devices for the wrist. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Techcrunch reported earlier this month that intel was paying around $100 million for the company.

Facebook is betting the future is virtual.  The social giant is buying a virtual reality game maker called Oculus VR for $2 billion dollars.  Oculus makes headsets that let people communicate and buy things in a virtual world. It got rave reviews at tech industry events but isn’t yet available to the public. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckereberg said in a statement the acquisition gets them “ready for the platforms of tomorrow.” Facebook says the next platform after mobile is virtual, and social networking will be 3D and immersive.

And, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for Windows XP beginning April 8th. That means computers running on XP, and even machines like ATM’s, will be largely unprotected against viruses and cyber attacks. Experts say that could easily expose businesses that don’t upgrade to a new operating system to cyberattacks. Microsoft won’t say how many small businesses currently use Windows XP. But, Forrester Research estimates about six percent of companies’ PC’s will still be using it by the April 8th deadline.

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