EXCLUSIVE: Robertsdale HS band director resigns

The Baldwin County School system confirms that Robertsdale High School’s band director David Jordan has resigned from his position. This after an internal audit was conducted on band funds.

School system spokesman Terry Wilhite said , “A financial audit was conducted by the Baldwin County School System into the band account at Robertsdale High School. At the conclusion of that audit, it was evident that the policies and procedures of the board had not been followed mainly in the receiving and receipting of money”

Wilhite said it does not appear any of the funds were stolen, and police are not involved. He said it was rather irresponsible bookkeeping. “It’s parent money, parent fees that had been paid for band matters.”

According to the school’s website, Jordan had been the director since 2011.

“We regularly and routinely audit schools and especially extra curricular accounts. It’s important that all finances be routinely audited,” he said.

Wilhite added it’s also important every cent is accounted for.

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