Amazon Free Streaming Service?

Microsoft wasn’t the only company making headlines in the tech world Thursday; rumors of a streaming service from Amazon had a lot of techies talking.

Amazon already has Prime, which consists of three main features: free two-day shipping, an e-book lending library, and a certain selection of streaming TV shows and movies for $99 a year.

However, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is considering a free multimedia plan that could feature original and licensed content.  The Journal compared the proposed service to Hulu and indicated that it would likely feature ads and free music videos.

No specific launch date was given.  Amazon has not commented on the matter.

After years of speculation, Micorsoft Office is finally on the iPad.  The software was unveiled by the new CEO, Sayta Nadella.

Thursday’s unveiling of the much-anticipated iPad apps for Microsoft’s bundle of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software comes nearly four years after Apple Inc. released the tablet computer that has contributed to a steady decline in sales of desktop and laptop machines running on the Windows operating system.

Nadella, who has been working at Microsoft for 22 years, emphasized that he felt rejuvenated since taking over as CEO.

“You see things from a fresh set of eyes and fresh perspective,” Nadella told a crowd of reporters gathered in San Francisco for his first major public appearance as CEO.

The Office app is a free download in the iTunes app store.  But those wanting to edit content will have to purchase an office 365 subscription.  The Office 365 subscriptions cost $70 or $100 annually, with the lower price placing more restrictions on the number and types of devices that can be used.

The Office 365 subscriptions also have been required to use Office apps built for the iPhone and Android phones last summer, so many iPad owners many already have one.

Microsoft hasn’t made Office apps for Android tablets yet, though the company has previously said those will be coming. Last year, Office apps for Android phones came out a month after the iPhone versions debuted.

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