Police clarify mobile patrols initiative

A debate has fired up in the last 24-hours about police checkpoints, this after an announcement Tuesday that police were setting up mobile patrols, at first called roving checkpoints.

“Roving checkpoints is just a word we use to mean mobile, officers will be out on the streets assisting the traffic officers already out on the streets,” said Officer Terence Perkins.

There has been a lot of talk about checkpoints. When Mayor Sandy Stimpson was elected, checkpoints were brought up by the mayor saying there were too many of them. Fox10 wanted to get the mayor’s stance on this new initiative.

“During the campaign and transition we did address the issue of checkpoints and he was concerned about the number of checkpoints that were being used and the inconvenience it was causing the citizens, but what the mayor is also doing is empowering Chief Barber to ensure that he has the tools to make sure this becomes the safest city,” said Chief Of Staff Colby Cooper.

Cooper said the mayor does still believe checkpoints were overused previously, but said it will not be taken off the table.

“It would be irresponsible of the mayor to say I’m going to take a tool out of your tool box when in fact, that tool can prove to bring value in certain circumstances,” said Cooper.

Those with Mobile police tell us that this initiative is paid for by a federal grant and will not cost tax payers. The mobile units were out Tuesday night and will be out again Thursday night.

If pulled over, police will ask for your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and registration. The units will be out across the city of Mobile.

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