Mobile Fire-Rescue Chief to discuss budget cuts

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) Chief Randy Smith will be held a press conference to discuss the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department’s budget.

FOX10 News learned Tuesday, March 25  about some of the budget cuts within the department.  MRFD had several options on the table when it came to making cuts. The final decision involved several cuts department-wide including a reduction in overtime pay.

Two fire trucks will be taken out of service.

  • Effective Saturday, March 29, Engine 11 on Broad Street, and Engine 10 at Rehm Station at Moffett Road and Western Drive will be removed from service for the next 6 months.
  • Effective Monday, March 24, all ladder trucks were adjusted from 4 personnel down to 3.

Smith says taking the trucks out of service will not affect response time. FOX10 News asked how the chief came to that conclusion.

“In reducing one of the engines at this time we are not reducing the staffing level on the second engine. They will still be available to respond and be there for the communities needs,” said Smith.

The Chief also said reducing ladder truck personnel will not change how the department handles emergencies.

” These trucks when they respond to those types of incidents they do not respond alone. They respond with three fire engines, an ALS ambulance and a district chief,” said Smith.

Losing a truck on Broad street has one longtime resident concerned.

“It’s going to be sad to lose one because we need one around here,” said Susie Lawson.

Another resident is concerned about taking trucks off duty.
“The more equipment you actually have strategically placed throughout the city the the better off you are,” says Les Switzer.

The department said it will monitor response time weekly.





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