Fairhope pilot doesn’t remember crash

From his hospital bed, Roger James told Fox10 News he feels very fortunate, very blessed to be alive.

“I’m one lucky guy. I have two guardian angels working full time,” James said.

March 8, James was pulled from his burning plane after it crashed at the Fairhope Airport and flown to USA Medical Center.

He says he doesn’t remember anything from the accident.

“That whole thing just blanked out on me,” he said.

James’ brother says heroes stepped in to save James’ life pulling him from the plane.

“One big guy grabbed my brother and the seat and ripped it out of the plane and got away from the fire just you know probably a matter of seconds before the whole plane was engulfed in flames. God thing really was,” said James’ brother, Bob James.

“He had some contusions on his face from the impact of the dash and the windshield and some burns on his feet,” James’ friend Tripp Pittman said.

James had surgery on his lower back and a skin graph. He’s now in rehab recovering. Surprisingly enough, once he’s better, he wants to get back in a plane.

“I’m feeling right now tired but I’m in good spirits. I have a friend of mine who will take me up in my plane. If not, I’ve got a friend who has a similar one that I have and he’ll take me up in his plane,” James said.

What happened?

In a preliminary report, the National Transportation Safety Board says a military helicopter had been hovering on the same runway where Roger crashed.

A pilot told Fox10 News the downdraft can create mini-tornadoes which will flip a plane over.

Roger James survived a plane crash 7 years ago

About 7 years ago, Roger was in a plane with Trip Pittman when he crashed into some pine trees near Tallahassee, Florida. That day, Pittman said James saved his life.


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