Alcohol detection bracelet used on manslaughter suspect


A 29-year-old man charged who police said was driving under the influence when he killed a 19-year-old h made bail, but must wear an alcohol detection bracelet around his ankle.

It’s been less than week since 19-year-old Kasey Waychoff of Texas was killed while she was walking down West Beach Boulevard in Gulf Shores on her Spring Break.

Police said 29-year-old Justin Lott was driving the car that hit her.

He was arrested and charged for DUI, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, and Manslaughter, but Tuesday, March 25, he made bail.

But, Major Jimmy Milton, the Correction and Compliance Commander for the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, said Lott won’t be drinking alcohol any time soon, because he’ll be wearing a special alcohol detection device around his ankle.

“When they consume the alcohol at some point, the alcohol content comes out through an individual’s pores,” explained Major Milton, “It then monitors the activity and is reported back to a call center, who then notifies local law enforcement.”

Major Milton said these devices are tracked both by cellular signals and by several satellites, so the person wearing them will never get out of signal.

“You have some devices that are backed up by satellite, and some that are backed up by cellular,” he said, “So if you lose satellite detection, it will automatically default to cellular.”

Milton said these devices have become extremely helpful over the last few years.

“In the times before when we used devices like this, there was a 72-hour window before law enforcement was notified if an individual violates a court order, but with this new electronic device, it’s within minutes,” he said.

The device can detect even just one drink in a person’s system.

It is not clear how long Lott will have to wear the bracelet, but we’re told he will have it on until a court order is issued to have it removed.

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