Questions to ask your lawyer

David Greene joined us on Studio10 to discuss three questions you should ask your personal injury lawyer before you hire them. 
The questions and answers below were provided by the folks at Greene and Phillips:

1. How many cases like this have you handled? The more experience a lawyer has, especially in the Personal Injury field, can mean a big difference in the result of your settlement. Hiring a lawyers with years of experience will help you in 2 important ways. -He will already have relationships established with the insurance adjustors. -He will know the ins and outs of the applicable laws. How many Personal Injury cases has Greene & Phillips handled? We’ve handled thousands of personal injury cases of all types.

2. What systems are in place to make sure my case is handled efficiently? Maybe you’ve been to a lawyers office where his desk is covered in paper and there are files all over the place. This can mean lost records, being put at the bottom of a to-do list or even forgotten. At Greene & Phillips we used an advanced paperless system that ensures no file or records get lost or misplaced and that there is always a staff member or lawyer working to move the case toward settlement. With this system we are settling claims faster than we were just a few years ago.

3. The third question is What settlement amounts have you gotten for other injured victims? You need to know that you are working with a reputable firm that has experience. When you’re fighting the insurance company to get the full value of your claim, it can help tremendously when you are being helped by a firm that has had multi-million dollar settlements against that company. The insurance adjustor pays very close attention when a lawyer like that is calling them. Finally, it means your lawyer won’t settle your case for less than it’s worth. Does Greene & Phillips have any notable settlements? We’ve had several multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements including a landmark $9.5 million settlement for a young lady who was struck in her car by a big truck whose driver wasn’t paying attention and sailed through a red light.

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