National Anthem girl visits Mobile

Before every sporting event, you may grab a hotdog or beverage; but something we all do, no matter how big or small the game: honor our nation with the National Anthem. One woman is on a mission remind folks why they stand and remove their hats. Her name is Janine Stange, better known as the National Anthem Girl.

“It’s exciting, I mean – it’s been an amazing journey, I’ve met some incredible people along the way and it’s funny, it’s like the people you’re sitting next to on the plane, or you’re at a restaurant and you’re telling them what you do,” said Stange. “I’ve had vets come up to me with tears in their eyes and they’re like ‘thank you’ and I’m like, ‘no, thank you, it’s because of you I can sing this song.’”

Stange is performing the Star Spangled Banner in all 50 states this year; Alabama is number 20 under her belt, as she spreads patriotism throughout the country.
“I started singing the National Anthem as an idea I had a couple years ago and then I realized the National Anthem turns 200 on September 14th of this year and I said, it’s really significant and really important that we as a nation remember how important that song is because really if you think about it – it’s the only song that no matter what team you want to win of who you voted for, everybody in that crowd is united as one to sing that song and that’s powerful,” said Stange.

Along with singing our country’s song, the National Anthem Girl is collecting hand-written thank you cards that will go into care packages for deployed military and veterans.

“I really feel that appreciation and gratitude is really the core of patriotism, so it was kind of like helping people have more of an experience. They hear what I’m doing and that’s nice, but they can actually participate by saying, I’m going to write a handwritten card that’s going to literally get delivered to somebody who’s deployed or has served and is back home and they get to read something and it’s extremely significant for them,” said Stange.

“I realized that patriotism unfortunately is declined over the years and I think that something like this is a perfect opportunity to say, you know what – the reason why you’re sitting in these seats is because somebody sacrificed their life, or time with their family or a body part, for you to sit there,” said Stange.

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