MPD to conduct ‘roving detail’

FILE- One of the Mobile Police department's vehicles.

UPDATE: Shortly after FOX10 published this story, MPD officials sent a correction stating “roving safety points” will be conducting. FOX10 is looking into the difference between check points and roving points and will have that information when it’s made available.

On Tuesday, March 25 and Thursday, March 27, 2014, Mobile Police will be conducting safety checkpoints in various parts of Mobile. The checkpoints will be conducted to ensure citizen safety and that motorists are complying with state and local traffic laws.

Police will be checking seatbelts, child restraints and other safety features. Officers will also be checking to ensure drivers are carrying registration, proof of insurance and driver’s licenses, as required by law.

In  September 2013, Mayor Sandy Stimpson said he was going to evaluate the program and decide if it was in the best interest of the public.

“During the campaign, I said I didn’t think it was a solution to our challenges of public safety and that’s a position that I have. Unless I’m convinced otherwise, by those that are on the ground, then that’s where it stands,” Stimpson said.

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