MPD: Shooting suspect was victim’s son

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Mobile police are investigating what they’re calling a domestic homicide.

Mobile police released the name of the victim late Tuesday.  She was 53 year old Maureen Day.  Day was shot multiple times.  It happened in her home, and police said Day’s son pulled the trigger.

26 year old Derek Boyce responded to reporter questions as he was led from police headquarters to Metro jail.

When Boyce was asked by reporters why he killed his mother he said Jesus told him to do it.  When he was asked if he had anything to say to his family Boyce responded, “They understand.”   Boyce was also asked if he regrets his actions, and he said, “Yes”.

Mobile Police received a 911 call around 10am Tuesday from a home on Repoll Road.  When officers arrived they found Maureen Day’s body inside the house.

“We received a phone call from the home.”

Police spokesperson Ashley Rains would not say if the call came from the victim, or her son who is accused of shooting her.

” She’s just a fine lady, and she’s just been a great neighbor,” Thompson said.

Neighbor Nancy Thompson lives next door on the remote property at the end of a long dirt road.  She came home for lunch to find police cars blocking the drive to her home.

“I don’t  know what’s happened,” Thompson said.

We caught  Lane Thompson walking from his house on the road.  He said he came outside to see police cars everywhere this morning.  According to Thompson the woman lived with her son.

“I didn’t really every have problems with him, but nothing we could legally,,,I mean he was always shooting guns off back here and that’s about it, but we’re outside the city limits like I said,”  he said.

Neighbors say Day worked as a home health provider.


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