MFRD reduces overtime, response personnel on ladder trucks

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – The Mobile Fire Rescue Department is preparing to save money in light of the newly proposed city budget.

FOX10 News learned through sources about some of the budget cuts within the department. MRFD had several options on the table when it came to making cuts. The final decision involved several cuts department-wide including a reduction in overtime pay.

Here are some of the ways the department plans on cutting overtime:

- Effective Monday, March 24, all ladder trucks were adjusted from 4 personnel down to 3.

- Effective Saturday, March 29, Engine 11 on Broad Street, and Engine 12 at Old Shell and Ashland Place will be removed from service for the next 6 months.

The crew of Engine 10 will be relocated to Station 12.

With all of these changes, personnel will be reassigned to different stations within the department but no stations will be shut down as an effect of these cuts.

Public information officer Steve Huffman told FOX10 News this is something the department did not want to do.

“We had to make some sort of compromise before we ran out of money in six months because in six months, if we continue paying them the amount of overtime that were paying, there won’t be any money in six months. Then we’d have to take a lot more trucks off and ride a lot more of them short. And we’re trying to avoid that were trying to make it as a minimum,” said Huffman.

Huffman also said he hopes at the end of six months things will change and everything will go back to normal. He also said that should not affect response time.

On Wednesday, interim Fire Chief Randy Smith will hold a press conference on the cuts.

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