Best daily deal websites

Websites like Google Offers, Groupon, SweetJack and LivingSocial are used by local businesses to lure in new customers. The good part about that is, you get a discount on the products.

So, with a variety of sites trying to grab your attention, is one site better than another?

Research shows Groupon has proven to be the most popular with consumers but the best fit for you depends on the products and activities you’re interested in.

According to International Business Times, the deals on Groupon’s site usually have better discounts but LivingSocial offers better quality. says Google Offers may provide more local retailer deals while is great if you’re looking for products like wine, toys and tee-shirts.

Before you subscribe to a daily deal e-mail or click the “purchase” button make sure you read the fine print.

fox example, know when your voucher expires. If it expires before you use it or the business is closed, too bad. It’s most likely not refundable and you end up losing your money.

Also, make sure to check the shipping cost. A deal may be great but if the shipping is as much as the product, you may not be saving after all.

When scanning over pictures and deals that are oh so appealing, ask yourself a simple but necessary question: ‘Do I need this?’ Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it. Seeing all the daily deals may tempt you to purchase a product that’s not part of your spending plan and those impulse buys can really add up.

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