West Mobile groper enters guilty plea

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – A sex abuse suspect whose case Fox10 News has been following since 2012 pleaded guilty to all three sex abuse charges against him. Fox10 was the only news crew in the courtroom.

Martell Malone had nothing to say to our cameras after court. Malone is accused of attacking three women. The latest incident happened in November 2012. That victim was in court to face her attacker.

“It’s something I think about on the daily basis and see his face in my head on the daily basis. This is just another step for me to move forward,” she said.

The victim was running near Cottage Hill Park at the time of her attack. Malone ran up behind her and when she moved to let him pass he ran up to her and grabbed her violently. Days after her attack, Malone was arrested and charged in her case as well as two other similar attacks. back when the incident happened. Fox10 News posted a surveillance photo and was there when he was led to metro jail.

This victim hopes there is justice for her and the other victims involved.

“I hope he get the max that he can get for the other cases involved,” said the victim.

Malone entered a blind plea meaning the judge will decide his punishment. The offenses are class “C” felonies and Malone can face anywhere from a year up to 10 years for each case.

Malone will be sentenced on May 8th. Malone has previous arrests including charges for indecent exposure, public lewdness, and harassment.

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