Town records kept in tin can going digital

Some important city records and ordinances that were once kept in a butter can are now going to be put online and organized.

The Town of Elberta is paying a pretty penny to make all of their files go digital.

Hundreds of important town documents, dating back to the 1930s, will be consolidated and digitally organized by a company called Municode, which will organize all municipal codes by subject matter.

Many of the town records saved in the old butter can are even written in German, from when the town was first colonized.

“Contained in our butter can is history,” explained Sandy Germany, the town clerk, “And it’s history of the Town of Elberta when it was still called the Farmers Club, and then it became colonized in years to come, and then in 1953 it was incorporated, and that’s when we started keeping official documents.”

But soon, all of these documents saved in this butter can are going online for seamless organization.

However, it’s not cheap, it will cost the town of Elberta some $12,000 to consolidate all of their legislation and put it up on the town’s new website.

Stan DeVayne, the Elberta Police Chief, said the new system is really going to change the way the police department conducts business.

“We deal a lot with city ordinances and it will be a lot easier to find it, we’ll be able to go right in and without having to thumb through a bunch of pages that’s been added to over the years and that’s not in any chronological order or numerical order,” said DeVayne.


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