Students learn physics is fun through hip hop

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -Do you know Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion?

Monday morning, students at Clark-Shaw Magnet School learned them in an unusual way, thanks to a musical lesson in physics.


So, what does jumping on a velcro wall have to do with science?

Or, watching two teachers dressed as sumo wrestlers bounce off each other?

They are both lessons in teaching the laws of physics in an interesting way.

The Honeywell company has teamed with NASA to bring a musical tour to schools like Clark-Shaw.

Show Captain John James said, “Their (the companies) initiative is to put this together to get the kids inspired to pursue science, technology, engineering, and math by teaching Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion.”



What is the lesson with the velcro wall?  Objects in motion stay that way unless acted on by an outside force, like the wall.

How about the sumo wrestlers?

James said, “Mass is one thing, but, when you add acceleration, watch out, because these two things together can create serious force.  After all:   force equals mass times acceleration. “

A ball hits a target, pouring applesauce on another teacher, combines all three laws, including, for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

So, how effective were the lessons?



When asked what she learned, student Florence DeMarco said, “Objects in motion will stay in motion.  Objects at rest will stay at rest.”

Student Alex Moore said, “I learned all three laws are connected to each other.”

Another student, Brooklyn Massey, said,  “I never really realized how it could apply to every day life, like kicking the soccer ball, so, I thought that was pretty cool.”




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