PPD: Vigor trio arrested for burglary

PRICHARD, Ala. (WALA) –  Prichard police said three students were pulled from Vigor High School Friday to be questioned. Later on that day, the three were arrested.

“There was burglaries that involved computer tablets, clothing, jewelry, we were able to recover some of what was stolen, the computers,” said Chief Jerry Speziale.

Speziale said a home on Doris Faye Williams street in the new Bessemer community was broken into as well as others.

“There were a couple that were burglarized in February but whether you have one or 2 or 3, it’s still a concern especially when it’s in a concentrated area,” said Speziale.

We went to the home but no one was there. Speziale said the suspects are charged with one burglary but he said the others could be connected.

“To see if there is any other nexus to any other burglary and that doesn’t mean just here, that could be Mobile or another city or anywhere. When we have these kinds of burglaries we need to look to see if they are connected,” said Speziale.

The names of the suspects cannot be released due to their age.

Speziale said it is also being looked into to whether other teenagers played a role in this burglary.

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