Police: Homeowner setup by robbers, thieves targeting TVs

A Chickasaw man says he is now living in fear after his front door was kicked down and he was held at gunpoint during a home invasion robbery early Monday, March 24.

At least two flat screen televisions were taken from the residence along the 100 block of 3rd Avenue. Police say the crooks also stole pocket cash and a bottle of hydrocodone pills.

The victim, who asked to remain anonymous, tells FOX10 news he was in his dining room when the men first knocked on his door.

He said his sister had been lured out of the residence earlier by a friend when the men returned and tried to talk their way indoors. 

When the victim refused to let them in, he says they kicked down the front door and went room to room looking for electronics.

Chickasaw Police say they arrested Damien Lee Fountain, 25, and Rodney Oneal Dozier, 21, shortly after the crime.

Police pulled the pair over for speeding in the area of 6th avenue and the Thompson Boulevard extension. An officer noticed a television in the backseat and questioned a “nervous passenger.”

Police say the robbery call came in during the traffic stop.

Further investigation revealed a second flat screen in the trunk of the vehicle, two handguns used in the robbery, and a black t-shirt used to cover one of the suspect’s faces.

The victim tells FOX10 News the incident is reminiscent of two other home invasions, one in Daphne and one in Chickasaw, where residents were bombarded by crooks for their flat screens.

Chickasaw police say it is a trending target for thieves who, instead of pawning them, are reselling the televisions on the street. Police also say they’ve noticed an uptick in daytime residential burglaries in the area.


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