Brian Henson Talks Muppets and Creatures!

Brian Henson, son of Muppets Creator Jim Henson, joined us on Studio10 to talk about the new Muppets movie and his new show on SyFy! 

Syfy will soon introduce Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, a competition series featuring ten aspiring creature creators competing in a series of challenges in which they will build everything from mechanical characters to whimsical beasts, bringing high-end inanimate creature designs to life. The contestants compete for a prize worth up to $100,000 including the opportunity for the job of a lifetime – a contract working at the world-renowned Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

The lead judge on the series is none other than Brian Henson, Chairman of The Jim Henson Company and the Creature Shop, and of course, son of the legendary Jim Henson.

Brian was joined by some of the fantastic creatures made by the Creature Shop. He talked about this new show and how it carries on the extraordinary legacy of Jim Henson.

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