Apple/Comcast Streaming TV Deal

How about a deal that puts an end to that annoying ‘buffering’ when you’re trying to load a video? Apple and Comcast are considering a streaming-TV service. The service would allow Comcast customers to get faster internet connection when they’re streaming video. Comcast would deliver the Apple-branded TV service the same way it delivers network shows and video on-demand from your set-top box.

Don’t you just hate it when you keep running into the people you’d rather not see at all?  Now there’s an app to avoid that. Cloak is a free iPhone app that pulls location information from Foursquare and Instagram. Using that info, it helps prevent those awkward encounters. Users can set up notifications for people they’d like to avoid: exes, frenemies or maybe co-workers. There’s even an option to avoid everyone in your social network.

And, if you’re one of those who wanted to download Flappy Bird, but never got the chance, get your thumbs ready!. According to the game’s developer, Flappy Bird will be returning to the App Store. It was removed earlier this year  after the creator said the game had become too popular and was ruining his life. The developer responded via Tweet to a question asking if the game would ever return. He tweeted, “Yes”. The down side, is he doesn’t give a timeline on when the game will return. But, he did say it will not be soon.

That’s your Daily Tech.

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