Affordable Care Act deadline one week away

The deadline to sign up for insurance through the Affordable Care Act is one week away.

After March 31st you will be required by law to have health insurance or face a fine. Counselors in Mobile and Baldwin county are helping people figure out which policy is right for them. Sally Ansell , a volunteer navigator with Enroll Alabama, is one of those people.

“We’ve been swamped with people signing up and very happily. We are able to help people enormously and they are very, very happy when they leave,” said Ansell.

Ansell will join a group of navigators at Fairhope Public Library, Tuesday from 5:30 p.m to 7;30 p.m, Friday 9:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m and Saturday from 9 a.m- 3 p.m to help enroll people. She says a lot of people want to know if they required to sign up for the Affordable Care Act.

“If you are on Medicare absolutely no problem. If you are on private insurance and you are happy with it, absolutely no problem.  if you have insurance through your employer absolutely no problem. These are for people who don’t have insurance or want to see of they can get a better deal,” said Ansell.
Ansell hopes those who need insurance don’t procrastinate because they will pay for it.

FOX10 News: ” What is the consequence for people who choose not to enroll?”
Ansell:  ” It’s kind of a complicated answer. Basically if they choose not to have insurance, and it was affordable, and they chose not to get it, they will be fined,” said Ansell.
Families could face $285 in fines if  they don’t have any health insurance by March 31, or 1% of their income, whichever is greater.
Franklin Primary Health Center, Providence Hospital and the Mobile County Health Department are also helping to enroll people.

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