Veteran continues to recover from attack

A 79-year-old veteran continues to fight for his life Sunday, March 23, after he was mugged and robbed in his Daphne home a month ago.

That man, Robert Huber, even missed a special welcome home Sunday, because he is back in the hospital.

Family members told FOX10 he is improving, and he’s excited to come home in just a few days.

Friday night, March 21, family members say Huber was rushed to the ICU at Thomas Hospital for fluid on his lungs, complications his family members say he sustained from the mugging.

“It was a close call, I was scared,” recalled Huber’s daughter, Kim McLemore, “but, he got to Thomas Hospital, they took care of him, he’s back on the upside, and today, things are good.”

For the past few weeks, the community has come together to help renovate Huber’s home to make it handicap accessible.

Volunteers have added several new additions to the home including a new handicap shower and flat screen TV.

He will even have a state-of-the-art security system complete with surveillance cameras around the house, so he’ll be able to see who’s at his front door, straight from the living room.

One neighbor even donated a reclining wheelchair for Huber. It’s sitting in the living room, waiting for Huber’s return.

“He’s a very, very, very nice man,” said Glenn Bettner, the man who donated the wheelchair.

Huber’s family says they are thrilled with the out pour of help from others since the attack.

“My sister and I are so grateful for the community,” said McLemore, “people of all around have just come in to help do so many different things.”

And, even though he couldn’t come home to a warm welcome Sunday, his daughter says he’ll get to come home sometime this week.

Huber’s attacker is still at large. The family is offering a $500 reward for any information leading to an arrest. Call Daphne Police if you know anything about the crime.


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