Spring is here and so is pollen


Got the sniffles or perhaps the uncontrollable, rapid-fire sneezes? Well welcome to spring on the Gulf Coast! It’s pollen season!

Some rain Sunday will help knock back the pollen from the high range into the medium range, but the airborne nuisance will build quickly back in and the pollen count will stay high the rest of the week.

The main allergy culprits right now are our beautiful oak trees and our greening grasses. Don’t blame the budding flowers! They don’t put out the pollen that irritates us. And all that thick, yellow stuff coating your car and lawn chairs, that’s pine pollen and it also isn’t much of an irritant (well maybe visually).

If pollen season is a nightmare for you there are a few ways to make it better. First avoid: stay inside, especially in the morning. Second medicate: anti-histamines can provide relief. Thirdly immunotherapy: this is allergy shots. Ask a doctor about this if pollen allergies have a serious effect on your health.

Our pollen season generally is at its worst in March and April. By May, the pollen count comes down as the temperatures heat up.

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