Veteran ambushed by thieves gets big surprise

DAPHNE, Ala. (WALA) A big hero’s welcome is expected in Daphne this weekend.

Veteran Robert Huber, 75, will be leaving his rehabilitation facility, weeks after a violent home invasion left him wounded.

A $500 reward is still being offered for information leading to an arrest in the case, although officials say police are following several good leads right now.

Huber’s daughter believes her father will be surprised to learn just how many people have stepped up to help renovate his Church street home.

“He’s anxious. He wants to come and see everyone up here. He wants to see what they’re doing,” said Huber’s daughter, Kim Mclemore. “I don’t think he realizes the depth that has gone in all this.”

Huber’s Daphne home is being fitted with new handicap ramps, floor tiles, wheelchair accessible bathroom, and state-of-the-art security system, as part of an extreme home makeover.

Dozens of volunteers have been fixing up Huber’s home and yard in anticipation of his arrival.

89-year-old Mawk Arnold and his Marine Corps league buddies are among the volunteers who have joined forces.

Arnold says the group got involved after learning Huber had been attacked and taken advantage of, over a television.

“What in the world was the idiot thinking to do what he did?” asked Arnold. “I can understand the thievery — that’s normal, but to tear the place up and to beat a veteran in a wheel chair?”

FOX10 News spoke with Huber shortly after the home invasion in February.

He recalled, “I answered it and soon as I opened the door he came in and pushed me back, pushed the wheel chair and me down. I used my life alert to call police. I’m still living. I could be dead right now.”

The trauma of Huber’s injuries caused oxygen and heart issues, forcing him into rehab to regain his strength.

On Sunday, March 23 he will be escorted from the rehab facility to his Church street home at 2pm by the Patriot Guard Riders.

Volunteers and supporters will greet him at the newly remodled  home for his first grand tour.

The public is invited to attend the welcome home ceremony.

Meanwhile, there is still work to be done ahead of Sunday’s celebration.

Chaplain Tony Dickey says all volunteers of any skill level are welcome to call or show up Saturday from 9am forward.

All renovation projects and materials were either donated or purchased through a grant that was given by The Home Depot.

You can contact Chaplain Dickey at 251-689-9527

The group is also still looking to raise money for a new water heater and mold removal project.


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