Twitter turns 8! So, what was your first tweet?

FOX10's first tweet!
FOX10's first tweet!

Twitter turns 8 Friday, March 21 and as Twitter says, “There’s a #FirstTweet for everything.”

The company came up with a tweet tool, designed to show you your first tweet. All you have to do is type in your @username, or that of anyone, and it’ll bring up their first tweet.

So, FOX10 wanted to use the Twitter tool to find out what our first tweet was. We had to reach back all the way to September 2008!

first tweet

Next, we took a peek at Bob Grip and Lenise Ligon’s first tweet.



Then, we wanted to know what others’ first tweets were. So the digital staff asked several people here at FOX10 whose tweets they’d be interested in. We came up with a pretty diverse list.

lena muppets obama oprah pope putin robin ryan

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