Marines help retired Marine clean property

THEODORE, Ala. (WALA) –  Dr. Sidney Phillips has a small get-together every Friday with some of his veteran friends. They call it the ‘lunch bunch’.

This particular Friday, a few more joined. Try 200 more.

“Can you imagine that happening to you?” Phillips said, smiling.

Phillips had Marines come over from Pensacola to help him clean up his property. We asked him how long it would take him to clean it up himself.

“Forever and ever. I’m so old now I can barely get around,” Phillips said.

In exchange for their work, the men got fellowship, and some good stories from Sid.

“They’ve been asking questions and I’ve been telling them some truth stories, most are lies though,” he said, laughing.

Major Eric Brown said they heard Phillips lived in the area and some started coming over for the Friday lunches over the last several months.

“We heard some of the family talking about it, some comment came up about work needing to be done and we said well I think we can help. We asked what Marines could help and I think every single one raised their hand,” Brown said.

The men are just happy to meet with the veteran.

“For us to get out here, meet the man, the legend, and shake his hand, hear his stories, it’s amazing,” said Brown.

To Phillips, he’s just enjoying the company.

“I was almost brought to tears this morning, I was nothing. I was just a PFC in the Marine Corps not a general. I loved the Marines and always will,” he said.

You may recognize Phillips, he was one of the collaborators who provided material and interviews for the making of Ken Burns’ PBS documentary film “The War” and the HBO miniseries “The Pacific”. He’s also the author of the book “You’ll Be Sor-ree”

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