Local dynamtic duo leads Jags softball

South Alabama Softball has been around for just more seven years – built from the ground up by head coach Becky Clark. Many women have walked Jaguar field, but perhaps none better than a pair of pitchers from right here in Southern Alabama.

“We’re very blessed from a stand point of, a lot of people would love to have one of those pitchers on their staff and we’re fortunate to have two of them and both of them hometown girls, I think that’s awesome – to have both of them from right here in our back yard,” said Clark.

Meet Satsuma-native, Hannah Campbell and Fairhope-native, Farish Beard. Together, the dynamic duo makes up the best pitching staff in the entire country – with an overall ERA of .95.

“Hannah and Farish, what they’ve done at a national level, I think that’s special for the people here in Mobile. You come out and watch kids that you’ve watched play in high school and followed them throughout their careers and now see them on this stage I think is pretty awesome,” said Clark.

The former Fairhope Pirate, Beard, single-handedly leads the nation in ERA and strikeouts per seven innings.

“It’s obviously an honor, it’s huge but it still goes all back on my team and it’s great defense, it’s the catchers behind the plates that call great games so it’s all back onto my team. I have a great defense, great offense and we’re just really blessed,” said Beard.

The former Satsuma Gator, Campbell, ranks seventh in ERA and sixth in walks allowed per inning, with less than one.

“I don’t really think about it too much, I’m usually not the one that finds out about it – I’m usually hearing it from other people – it’s really cool, but at the same time we just think about the next game,” said Campbell.

Despite competing for the same position, the two locals know they share the same dugout.

“It’s awesome, we have a really great relationship – it’s really fun to play with somebody who understand and gets it, so we always can talk to each other and it’s really fun – it’s really good,” said Beard.

“We have a tight relationship, we’re able to support each other and so that’s nice,” said Campbell.

“It’s competitive but it’s a friendly competitive, we’re always wanting to be the best that we can be but at the same time I want her to go out there and kick butt just as much as I do,” said Beard.

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