Family mourns loss of college student killed by drunk driver

In the early morning hours on Friday, March 21, police say 19-year-old Kasey Waychoff was struck and killed by a drunk driver while she was walking in the 1400 Block of West Beach Boulevard in Gulf Shores.

Now, her grandparents are speaking out about the loss of a beautiful soul.

“It’s just something you will never get over,” Kasey’s grandfather, Handy Waychoff, told FOX10 Friday, “She was our baby girl. We have six grandchildren and five of them are boys, and she was our baby. Those five boys are going to miss her just as much as all of us. It will not just be my wife and mine’s loss, it will be everybody’s loss because she was loved so much.”

Kasey Waychoff was a student at Oklahoma State University, and was an active member of her sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. Her grandparents tell FOX10 she was studying international relations, and was learning Chinese.

Her grandfather said she and her sorority sisters chose to come to Gulf Shores because they felt it would be safer.

“They thought that there would be less spring break activity down there, and that there would be less trouble there, than some of the other places,” he said, “And so they go down there so there wouldn’t be all the activity that normally goes on at spring break, and then they get down there and then this happens.”

And Kasey’s grandmother, Marlene Waychoff, said the family is still trying cope with something so sudden and tragic.

“We’re Christian people, and we have to hold on to our faith,” she said, “We know that she’s at a better place, but we just didn’t want her to go right now.”

Gulf Shores Police said the driver who hit Waychoff was 29-year-old Justin Lott. Police said he hit Waychoff and kept driving.

He was later apprehended in a traffic stop. Police said he is currently charged with DUI, but further charges are pending.

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