Law enforcement unloads at firing range

Local law enforcement officers from both Mobile County and Baldwin County got some hands on training at the Mobile Metro Firearms Training Facility Thursday, March 20.

Nationally recognized instructor, Wes Doss, said he wants officers to have good decision making skills.

“A lot of times when an officer is involved in a shooting, a lot of it translates into panic more than anything else,” Doss said. “We want to get them more education and get them thinking about a different type of training so they can make better, more informed decisions while they’re out on the street.”

Doss said officers need to be effective in to keep themselves and the public safe.

“Having the training and the confidence to make those decisions helps them in the long run,” Doss said. “Not everybody needs to be shot and a lot of circumstances are better resolved without that.”

The eight hour course consisted of four classroom hours and eight hours at the firing range.


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