La. Gov. Jindal ‘thinking’ about 2016 election

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has been crisscrossing the country, fishing for an audience as well as potential supporters as we get closer to the 2016 presidential election.  He’s been busy, flying to Mobile Thursday to address the annual meeting of the Alabama Policy Institute.  His appearances are leading to speculation about his plans.

FOX10 News anchor Bob Grip asked Jindal, “You were just in New Hampshire, you’re here in Mobile, you’re going to Raleigh and then the NRA convention in Indianapolis.  Does this mean you have ambitions down the road?”  “ You know, I’ll be honest.  I’m certainly thinking about 2016, but the reality is we first have to focus on the 2014 election.  We can take back the Senate, we will keep the House and win back a number of governors’ races, including here and many other states, but also we have to win the war of ideas,” said Jindal.

For Republicans, many of those ideas involve how to dismantle Obamacare.  Like many Republican governors, Jindal doesn’t buy into the affordable care act and the offer of federal money to help finance it:

Grip asked, “Just like Alabama, Louisiana has rejected federal money.  What does that do for the 240,000 people in Louisiana who have trouble getting health care, are they better off because you refused federal money?”  Jindal said, “Absolutely… here’s the problem with Medicaid expansion.  In Louisiana, it could cost my taxpayers up to 1.7 billion dollars over 10 years…yes, we need to help the uninsured. Yes, we need to help people that have pre-existing conditions. What the President said was great.  What he did was wrong”.

After Republicans lost the 2012 election, Jindal created ripples across the G.O.P. by saying Republicans needed to “stop being the stupid party”. “That’s right. I said we have to be a party of ideas, a party of growth. I famously said we have got to stop being the stupid party after 2012 and part of that is winning the war of ideas.  Saying, the other side wants the government to do everything, we know we can do better.”

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