BCPSS: Brocato’s contract ‘non-renewed’


According to the Baldwin County Public School System, an independent work performance evaluation of former Orange Beach Elementary Principal Lori Brocato recommended to the school board, her contract not be renewed.

However, she will remain on paid until her contract is up June 30.

In an e-mail, Baldwin County School System spokesperson Teri Wlihite said:

“In order to avoid a costly and time consuming appeal of her termination for cause, the Board has opted to rescind its previous action and non-renew her contract as a probationary principal. The end result here is the same –  Ms. Brocato will no longer be employed by the Board.”

Officials said an independent investigation into allegations Brocato made against Superintendent Alan Lee is still underway. No report has been filed.

Wilhite noted that any actions the school board takes Thursday, March 20, are independent of Brocato’s allegations and are focused solely on her duty performance.

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