Baldwin County housing market on the rise

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) – The foundation is solid when it comes to the housing market in Baldwin County. Since 2008, it has been on the rise and is looking to continue in that direction.

Builders and realtor agree the interest rates are good which means more people are buying and building.

“We’ve got a couple of houses being built in Baldwin County. There are a lot of builders already here in the Baldwin County. And we are getting a big influx of home buyers looking a buying because of the rates. I think they’re seeing a trend come up,” said Rick Twilley, owner of Twilley Builders.

Twilley is pleased with the turnaround in the housing market.

“We hit a real downturn since 2008 but this market has really turned around. We’re really excited to see the phone calls. The national indicators say it’s going to continue to rise through 2015. This year it looks like it’s on the upswing and continuing to rise,” he said.

But in 2008, it took a big hit.

“Fast forward to today, things have been improving,” said Donnie Clark, broker at Agency One Realty Group in Daphne.

Clark said building costs are going up but property taxes are down, making it an ideal time to buy and build.

“One of the appeals to this area is that we actually have a very affordable property tax rate. Our property taxes here, relative to other parts of the country is actually quite low,” said Clark.

Ten years ago, Baldwin County housing market was on the rise. That was until Hurricane Ivan hit in 2004 and Katrina a year later.

“Developers would come in from out of the area. From Atlanta and different places and would buy farmland and develop lots,” said Clark.

A rebound in the making post-Katrina then took a hit in ’08. Since then, the population growth in the county has increased, making the home building market more competitive.

Clark told FOX10 News many builders have different features when it comes to building homes. Clark also said many are moving to Baldwin County for the quality of education and quality of life.

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