Man catches fire after he says stove explodes

Joel Pressley says he was inside his camper on Moffett Road Wednesday night, March 19, cooking steak when his stove exploded. He said he caught on fire and ran out the door. He has burns on his hands and the hair on his face and around his neck is singed.

“I was fixing to turn the steak when it actually blew up in my face that’s how I got all of these burns on me. A lot of that’s paint (on my hands) but you can see the blisters,” Pressley said.

Mobile Police and Mobile Fire Rescue Department responded to the scene.

Fire Officials say an older model tractor trailer that was fully engulfed in flames when they arrived on scene.

They say there was one small gas tank that was burning and they kept from exploding.

Two neighbors who live nearby say they heard and felt the explosion.

Hugh Jones says he was inside his home when the second explosion shook his entire house scaring his family. He said it felt like an earthquake and  when he went outside, Jones said he saw a fire coming from the camper and consuming the yard about 35-40 feet in the air. He says there was a strong smell of chemicals in the air.

Eddie Irby says he was at home when he heard the first explosion. When he heard the second explosion and saw flames, he called 9-1-1.

“About quarter after 9p.m. I was in my den and we heard a loud explosion like a transformer or something went off. Thirty minuets later, there was another explosion that shook the house and my neighbor saw a fire through the woods,” Irby

Officials are still investigating the cause of the fire.

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