Last day for Beads for Doughnuts!

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA)  Time is running out to play an important role in helping students at a special needs school, and, at the same time, get a sweet reward.

Wednesday is the last day to trade in Mardi Gras beads for doughnuts.

The beads play an important role in helping Mobile students prepare for the future.


It’s a scene that might make your mouth water:  doughnuts going in, and coming out of, the fryer.

This week, a lot of people have been going to the Krispy Kreme store on Hillcrest because they get a dozen free doughnuts when they turn in 12 pounds or more of Mardi Gras beads.

The beads are collected and brought to Augusta Evans School.

Special needs students prepare the beads and sell them to individuals and Mardi Gras organizations.

Teacher Susan Mulvey said, “Some are packaging the beads and bundling them to sell them, and some are actually taking them out of a big garbage can and sorting them by the different kinds that we sell, and, then, we bring them over right here and we clean them.”


The principal said the school’s goal is to provide the students with the skills they need to allow them to live as independently as they possibly can.

But, how does sorting out Mardi Gras beads help do that?

Principal Allen Baggett said, “We try to build skills that are going to make them successful.  We try to build like “on-task” behavior, completing assignments, staying focused, behaving correctly in the class.”


Talking to the students, you quickly realize they’ve learned courtesy.

When asked what he’d like to do when he gets older, student Robert Sheffield said,  “I’d like to work in a grocery store.”

When asked if he thought that would be fun, Sheffield said, “Yes, sir.”

Thomaston Lynch said working with the beads was his favorite class.


He said, “Because the teachers are nice in here.”

They’re also very appreciative for the store that’s helping them.

When asked if she liked doughnuts, Rachael Goodman said,  “I like doughnuts:  Krispy Kreme’s doughnuts.

And, the teachers believe the students here are learning life’s important lessons one step at a time.


You can trade in beads for a dozen free doughnuts at the Krispy Kreme Store on Hillcrest until 10:00 Wednesday night.

Augusta Evans School
Augusta Evans School


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